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Oct. 26, 2014

I found this blog post in my reading the past week. http://tolkiencatholic.com/tolkien-evangelical-power-beauty/ Of course this got my attention as much as I love to talk about Tolkien and how his Catholic faith is reflected in his writing. I also think the author of this article makes some very good points about the beauty of our faith. There is so much beauty to be found in the Catholic Church and I think that beauty is getting lost in our culture. This is something we absolutely must recapture if want to have any hope of being successful in our efforts at evangelization.


There is a great deal that is wrong in our world. There is an abundance of darkness and sadness in our world as mentioned in the above article. I firmly believe that the response to the darkness we face in our world should not be one of condemnation. Our response to the evil we face in the world should be to embrace the beauty in our own faith. Let us cling to everything that draws us to Christ and brightens our lives as we draw near to him. We can say that we turn to Christ and embrace our faith because of the evil we see in the world and that turning from Christ will bring us eternal condemnation. This is all true, but it is also true that there is a great beauty in what we believe and celebrate in our Church. It is the beauty that created us and draws our hearts to him. It is the beauty that is greater than any darkness we will ever encounter in the world. We must ask ourselves which approach will have the greatest success in leading people to Christ. The more we embrace the beauty of our faith and allow that beauty to be seen in the world, the more people will come to know and understand the true meaning of our faith.

- Father Chris