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Jul. 27, 2014

Next weekend, we will begin our new Mass schedule for the weekends as well as daily Mass as we begin the transition into being a cluster community. The times for the Masses will change slightly, but the availability of Mass will not change. There will be opportunity for our community to attend Mass several times throughout the week. In addition we will continue to be open to input as to how we can better serve the community through the sacraments.

There is another change that will be starting in the fall. This was already planned for Sacred Heart before the plans were announced to cluster, but now the other parishes have been included as well. We will be implementing both Life Teen and Edge in the three parishes. This is a program of religious education for middle and high school aged youth. I have been involved in this program for the last ten years and I have seen what a great program this is. I know some people will not like that the old program is changing or that this is being offered at a different time, or a different location for some. I am happy to discuss concerns anyone has about this. I am asking everyone to give this program a chance. I have also had many people come to me to discuss their adult children leaving the Church and abandoning the practice of their faith. This is a serious problem within our Church. The goal of these new programs is to inspire our youth at a younger age to take ownership of their faith and enter into a relationship with Christ so they will continue that relationship even when they leave home and live independently. This is something that is in great need in our Church. Life Teen and Edge have both shown great success in the past. Implementing this will be new and challenging, but I believe this will be a good thing for all our parishes.


- Father Chris