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Nov. 02, 2014

Last weekend, I spoke about Brittany Maynard and the national popularity she has gained because of her decision to end her own life rather than face terminal brain cancer. It is always tragic to see a life end too soon. It's hard to talk about a subject like this without seeming insensitive. I know this is very difficult situation for anyone to deal with.


I chose to write about this again, because of something that happened just this past week that reminded me just how tragic this situation really is. Deacon David Dwyer, one of the newest permanent deacons in our diocese passed away this past week. Deacon David was ordained last fall with our own Deacon Bob Straub and Deacon Charlie Curtis. Many did not believe Deacon David would ever see his ordination because he was diagnosed with a very serious brain tumor while he was still in formation. Deacon David was hospitalized many times, endured many procedures, and bounced back from what seemed like death's door many times. When he was ordained as a deacon last year, so many people were inspired by everything he had done to reach that point. These past few years were anything but easy for Deacon David, but he endured and inspired so many. When I think of how many people's lives were touched by everything he did, I am reminded of what a blessing every life is, even in our suffering. Eternal rest grant unto him O Lord.

- Father Chris